Shalisa's Babydoll Maltese & Morkies
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Shalisas Babydoll Maltese and Morkies
Hello, my name is Shalisa. I've had a great love for animals, especially dogs, my whole life. My husband
and I have shared our home with these special fur-babies for over 25 years. The joy and unconditional
love they give us is immeasurable. They have truly captured our hearts. I strive to produce healthy,
beautiful babies with outgoing, friendly temperaments and Ive been fortunate to include some of the
best Korean bloodlines into my breeding program. I breed for the much sought after "babydoll" face.....
with the big bold eyes and short lil nose with a short, stocky frame. Im very proud of the babies
that I raise and believe in giving them the best care possible. I offer references and a lifetime of
breeder support. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you. 707-496-2141

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